February 14, 2008

Road to Eendekuil

This piece, which is probably about 3 and a half meters in length was done in a basic acrylic streight onto a prepared wall! I used a photo for referance on the area and was actualy resided there at the time too. The scenery is of many wheat fields and the enclosing mountiains with the highway running through. Blue gums trees I think.

I did the painting in 3 sessions, so it was not an endevour at accuracy, but more in effects and technique, 1st the sky, land and then I put in the trees! Also I must point out that it was done in the corner of a room, you can make that out if you look close..


She said...

Curt you are an amazing artist!!! Some of your earlier ones are a little scary. "The birth of new man" is my favourite and shows your huge talent. I also love "The road to Eendekuil" and what you are working on presently. God has blessed you with an incredible talent.

curt said...

Thanks She for such a nice comment! Let me know when you drop into SA again.. Much Love..