January 07, 2008

Comic Chart

This is the main character for my Sci-Fi comic concept, again you can see the chords which compensate for legs which is one of the main themes. I have learnt a whole deal working on this piece digitally in Paint Shop. Painting on PC can be just as challenging and it does offer some interesting effects. I hope to be able to improve overall in my comic related projects from here on, allot of it is knowing your own procedure, tools, etc. I do like the end result of this one, I am going to put the initial drawing here too as further reference.
The sizes of these images have been significantly reduced. You can click on either of them to see a bigger format. I will also need to do some homework on my scanner, at this stage I am not sure how much that effects the results digitally. Basically I end up with quite a big scan and so it is not always easy to present on the screen. In this case I had to scan in three different pieces and then paste it together in a programme. The original drawing on the right has not been edited in any way (also it is slightly smaller/cropped). My finished version is quite simple, graded colours etc. I ended up with less of the original showing through than at first anticipated, although you may not agree, again I have learnt allot and overall I am pleased. Your opinions?