December 08, 2008

Breasty Robot

These gals are yet another example of a typical doodle gone digital via scanner and using Paint Shop Pro 7. It's a mixture of feelings I think.. hitler, breasts, robots .. !!

December 04, 2008

Eagle Tattoo

Here is the Tatoo design long awaited by a friend of mine. I promised to deliver months ago, but then ran into some hardware problems and what not. Anyway the intention is for a lower back piece, obviously it now becomes the task of the particular skin chiseler to further render into completion. Done with HB, scanned and mirrored in Paint Shop7!

August 01, 2008

A Clown

This pic I drew on a whole A4 page in a scrap sketch book. Just the lines in ball pen. It seemed like something suited to a digital finish of sorts, and so it was! Here for my blog!

June 30, 2008

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, a caricature. I was encouraged in this medium during school. My mother took me to visit Collin Daniels resident Cartoonist at the Argus newspapers. He gave me some special nib koki's and this is one of the products that came of it.

Jonty Rhodes

This is one of my first Caricatures.. of Jonty Rhodes famous SA cricketer at the time.. around 1994/5 I was about 11yrs old then! WOW!


Her name is Marj, one of three in a series of characters, oil paint with a charcoal backdrop. Done in 2001


2001.. oils and charcoal back.. this ones name is "Tabac" she's the biggie! Loverly!


2001 - oil and charcoal, this character is named Crak (after the alkaloid) and she is part of  a series of three such characters, shown above. 

All Hearing

This is another designer piece, oils, pencil, ball pen.. something quick, but something finished.. just is what it is.. 

Above Beauty

Probably my first real expression in oil paint. I remember titling this one "Above Beauty" why? Im not sure.

April 28, 2008

God in Text

This is a poor quality shot of the piece taken with my phone.
At any rate here it is.. I will add a better quality one later.
It is writing used in khabalistic mysticism which says the word God. Done for a good friend of mine. It took me some time to finish admittedly.. so thanks for the patience and I hope you like!
This photo is shot to show the work done on the frame as such. which completes the piece. You need to enlarge it to see what I am referring to. The end product being it's place on a wall and the manner in which it it is made to hang.
These photo's were taken as it was being transported via Newlands train station!

April 23, 2008

Blue Angel

Also a drawing done at work in Kalk Bay.

I just decided since I am doing the blog thing.. here it belongs! In no way enhanced or digitized. Only shrunk slightly from the original scan. This one in blue ball pen on the same scrap paper.

Vai King

This is my new viking king. Done with ball pen on recycled scrapbook paper. And a close up in its origional scan size, a portion which I thought to look nice (click for a closer look)

February 14, 2008


This was a quick penciling, gone digital. Not anything special as is but allot more I could do with it I guess, perhaps I will post revised or updated versions later, something I could use with other/more graphics, ie headers, etc..

This one I added some text to and since I did, thought "might as well just post it here"; complete for the moment.


Cyber Dude. This is quite a kewil scan, came out huge, so what you see here is way shrunk, but you can get a better look if you click on him! His composition was quite meditative for me, it's simple stylised ball penning! Its about shape I guess! I gave him this name when he became a file on my computer!


Little Liz-man!

Nice how the paper texture shows through in this original scan, the drawing itself is quite small.
The other is finished in Paint shop with colour and a basic effect has been applied too.

Brain Fondu

Well what do you know, more cathartic vomit! Never the less, perhaps I will soon be purged of all that remains of my past works. Also using mixed media, oils, cut-outs, and pencil showing some of my favourite subject matter.. it's sort of surealistic you could say, focal, and I enjoyed thoroughly the splattering of the blood.. for good measure! It screams mental anguish! Take a closer look and leave a comment. Enjoy!


colour pencils, koki and a sticker
This is/was especially cathartic for me, so I thought I could not neglect to post it on my blog!
It is a play on subtleties (colour in the nose end) and a contrasting harshness around the jaw and eye! I know it's not pritty, what can I say?
I dont want to say anymore, comments please .. 


Actually I dont know what I was thinking doing this one.. It isnt the whole piece either.. only what could fit. Mixed media, probably something I intended to try and sell!! 

Road to Eendekuil

This piece, which is probably about 3 and a half meters in length was done in a basic acrylic streight onto a prepared wall! I used a photo for referance on the area and was actualy resided there at the time too. The scenery is of many wheat fields and the enclosing mountiains with the highway running through. Blue gums trees I think.

I did the painting in 3 sessions, so it was not an endevour at accuracy, but more in effects and technique, 1st the sky, land and then I put in the trees! Also I must point out that it was done in the corner of a room, you can make that out if you look close..

Red Mens

3 Styled drawings, similar in concept/composition..
Done using ball pen (in this case red) on either A3 or A4.. they are experiments in form and movement aswell as perspectives, angles and is a type of free style. Generaly I like the subject matter I end up with, these pieces I did and scanned some time ago. I will add new ones soon.

January 07, 2008

Comic Chart

This is the main character for my Sci-Fi comic concept, again you can see the chords which compensate for legs which is one of the main themes. I have learnt a whole deal working on this piece digitally in Paint Shop. Painting on PC can be just as challenging and it does offer some interesting effects. I hope to be able to improve overall in my comic related projects from here on, allot of it is knowing your own procedure, tools, etc. I do like the end result of this one, I am going to put the initial drawing here too as further reference.
The sizes of these images have been significantly reduced. You can click on either of them to see a bigger format. I will also need to do some homework on my scanner, at this stage I am not sure how much that effects the results digitally. Basically I end up with quite a big scan and so it is not always easy to present on the screen. In this case I had to scan in three different pieces and then paste it together in a programme. The original drawing on the right has not been edited in any way (also it is slightly smaller/cropped). My finished version is quite simple, graded colours etc. I ended up with less of the original showing through than at first anticipated, although you may not agree, again I have learnt allot and overall I am pleased. Your opinions?