October 16, 2007

S & M :...

I hadn't decided on a name for this.. It is particularly old, done in 1999 sometime before the end of the year..

I know I was influenced by Brom, particularly with the portrayal of the female characters.. and the eye.. what does it mean, I'm not telling!
It's in the beholders eye.. I will be honest and admit that the subject matter is somewhat in poor taste and decidedly offensive.. I know that this was in part my overall aim.. in conveying pain, causing pain.. and perhaps in dealing with the effect of woman on me? So.. S&(amp;)M, that fits then..

Its silver pencil coming through, then I have some newspaper cut-outs as well as a commitment to oil covering all the other spaces.. this is not the whole piece, only what would fit into my scanner.. although it's worked out great I think.
Another cathartic memoir.. I'd like to think my expression is changing since then..